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Not only do we sell the parts you need to drop your VW, we can also do the work.
If you're looking for a one stop "drop shop" you've come to the right place.
Give us a call for a quote or to set up an appointment.

Type II - Bus



The Slam-O-Matic special - $6450

This is the no hassle, no worry easy way to dump your Bus.
Drive in stock, drive out dumped.

Here's what you get:

-Dropped spindles
-New adjustable tie rods w/ correct ends

-Rebuilt "freeway flyer" transmission
-Straight axle conversion
-Notched spring plates
-New rear wheel bearings
-New complete rear brakes
-New soft brake lines all the way around
-New axle boots
-New rear hard brake lines
-New tranny mounts
-New shift coupler
-New lowered shocks
-New e-brake cables
-All the misc. nuts / bolts, etc. and labor!

This has got to be the easiest most straight forward deal available.


Narrowed beams, disk brakes, etc. available as well.

Here are some finished drop jobs



Narrowed adjustable beams

Available from 2” on up to 7.5”


Dropped spindles - $350*

All dropped spindles have new bushings and king pins if needed.

They are flipped for a 3 inch drop, clearanced for the link pins and gusseted.

Lastly they are reamed for the proper tie rods and painted black




Dropped spindle tie rods - $105

This is a pair of adjustable tie rods with the proper ends to work with dropped spindles.


Narrowed dropped spindle tie rods - $135

Same as above except these are for use with a narrowed beam.


Straight axle conversions - $350*

This allows you to lower your bus and remove the reduction boxes at the same time.

Lowers the bus a minimum of 3-1/2 inches.

Kit includes 2 of the following:
Laser cut spring plates, modified axle tubes, e-brake extensions, axle seal kits
Other parts needed for installation that we sell:
Two long axle, long spline axles, two axle bearings, bearing spacers (two inner/two outer), correct bearing caps, and backing plates and brake set up (which varies so call with any questions)
You also need to modify or change your transmission (stock bus trans rotates in opposite direction) ring gear will need to be flipped over. Rebuilt T1 trannys is available as well.



Rebuilt transmissions with straight axle kits and brakes ready to bolt in built to your specs. - $1950 and up

Call for details / pricing



Thing, T3, and other rear brake options available – varies

Call for details / pricing


Porsche 944 / Wilwood disc brake conversions - $1750
Run bigger better stopping 944 disk brakes on your bus.
This kit does NOT widen the track so there are no worries about wheel / tire clearance.
This is a direct bolt on kit with for 55 - 70 buses. No fabrication needed

Bay Bus Disc brake conversion kits - $600
(for this you will need rotors, caliper, lug nuts and caliper mounting bolts off of a 73-79 bus)


Type I - Bug / Ghia


Narrowed adjustable beams starting at - $550


L/P or B/J Dropped
spindles only  - $150
4 Lug Disc Brake B/J Dropped
spindles only - $150



Drum Brake L/P Dropped spindles assembled with new carriers, link pins and king pins - $425 ($375 with your old spindles)
4 Lug Disc Brake L/P Dropped
spindles assembled with new carriers, link pins and king pins - $425 ($375 with your old spindles)

Wide 5 Disc Brake Dropped spindle kit - $750

Many other dropped spindle options available such as Porsche pattern or blank rotors
Call or email for more details

Low profile tires
125 Firestones,
145/65/15's, 165/45/15's, 195/50/15's, 175/55/15's, 185/55/15's, 195/45/15's

Call for prices

*All prices are quoted with good useable cores.
If no cores are available or if they are not useable there will be addition charges as listed below.

Cores are as follows:

Bus Spindles - $350 or good useable spindles
Straight axle kits - $150 or pair of Bus spring plates

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or email us at

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