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1954 Behr Scoop Kombi

The Behr scoop on this Barndoor is what set's it apart from every other Dove Blue Kombi on the road.

Bought in late 2016 with a outside respray and some "custom" touches (chrome bumpers, chrome pod) no engine and no rear seats.

Greg's plan was to make this a bone stock driver.

He started by color matching a set of bumpers, and installing correct splash pans.

Up next was the dash pod. Not only was it color matched, but the wiring nightmare let by the previous owner was repaired as well.

 A spare 1500cc Bus engine was installed temporarily while Greg finished a 20- Barndoor case 36HP Okrasa engine for some Vintage Speed

Reproduction seats were installed as well well, until originals could be sourced.

Everything was going smoothly, until Greg found himself buying yet another Barndoor. That set the wheels in motion for this Kombi to take a different direction.

1954 Portuguese Kombi

As bought 08/2015

A couple hours later after some tweaks.

The story on these Portuguese Barndoor's is complicated, but the short version is Portugal would bring in Panels to save on import costs and convert them to whatever the buyer wanted, Kombi, Deluxe, etc.

So this "Kombi" is actually a Panel that has been converted, notice the panel vents in the rear?

Not any run of the mill Panel though, this one came with m-codes for opening rear hatch and safaris! Very cool!

With that being said, Greg has decided to take it back to it's original Panel configuration and doing some engine and suspension changes.

Follow along here

After finishing most of the metal work this one sat while Greg focused on other projects. In March of 2017 it was sold to a new owner who plans on bringing it back to it's stock former glory!

1954 Canadian Kombi

Bought in late 2014 as a basket case. No running gear and a pallet of parts to "build" it to be delivered within 6 months.

18 months later the pallet of parts finally arrived.

By that time Greg was "over it" as they say. Quick suspension / brake install to get it rolling and it was off to a new owner.


1954 Pre-A Porsche

After Greg bought "the rusty" 356 a buddy comes by the shop and says he knows a guy who knows a guy that has a friend that has a similar car for!

Greg tells him to get the guys contact info. A month or so goes by and Greg gets a call with the info.

A call is made, a date is set too look at the car, and when Greg sees it he knows he has to have it.

This is how it was found, sitting since 1984 with a bad tranny. It had been re sprayed and the interior redone, but it was a nice solid COMPLETE car.

Greg decided to turn this into a nice Resto Cal driver. No high dollar restoration just clean it up, lay it out, add some wheels and roll it to The Classic 2 months later.

Here's a thread with some of the work... 356 build up

The engine that came in the car was a '65 SC engine, which in stock form puts out about 95hp. The previous owner has bore it out to a 1720cc and when Greg got it he couldn't leave well enough alone, so he added a set of 48 IDA Weber's.

That was no easy task, with custom linkage needing to be made, special carb to intake adapters, and a ton of bench testing to get it running right.

After some long days and longer nights these are the results!

More pictures here

After a bit of thinking a new plan was set in motion.

One that includes a Pro Street VW trans and 200hp+ VW engine.

Current build thread here


1966 Italian Salesflap

(Currently for sale in our classifieds here)

This one of a kind sales flap made by the coach building firm of Carrozzeria Grazia from Bologna Italy
Notice how the "flap" extends up into the roof? We've never seen another one like it, anywhere..
With just 73050 km (45,656 miles) on the odometer this unique Bus needs some cleaning then we'll put it to use!!

We were going to restore this and use it as our "T-shirt Bus" for the swap meets, but we found a better Bus for that.
So instead were giving it the Slam-O-Matic treatment and plan to use it as a sales vehicle for our suspension parts at the shows.
This includes a 3" narrowed beam w/ adjusters, dropped spindles, straight axle conversion, T3 rear brakes.
The original wheel / tire combo was 4.5" Sprint Stars up front with 165/45/15's and 5.5" Sprint Stars in the rear with 195/55/15's in the rear.
We also had a freshly gone thru 2110cc sitting on the bench waiting for a Bus, so it found it's home here as well


More pictures can be found here

Fast forward a couple years and the Salesflap, as we call it, is getting new wheels, and running gear.

Check out the forums here for more info

Saleslfap Build

1962 Vendo


What can we say? This has got to be the coolest sales Bus ever!!
This started life as a "regular" Euro '62 Single Cab with the only special option being dual treasure chest doors.
But once purchased the owner had a coach builder, possibly Westphalia, convert it into the vending Bus seen here.

The story on this Bus is a long one and can be read in the Summer 2001 issue of Camper and Commercial magazine.
This is where Greg first saw the Vend-O and decided he had to have it.
At the time it had just been restored by Luke Theochari in the UK and was making the rounds to the UK shows.

Fast forward to February of 2005
Greg had just returned home from a long weekend of VW swapping in So Cal and hopped on the internet to see what was for sale.
Much to his surprise, there it was! No longer owned by Luke, but still in the UK.
Over the next 12 hours emails were exchanged, phone calls were made, and a deal was struck.

In April of 2005 the Vend-O made its way to the docks in the US.
The old owners logos were removed and replaced with the new Vintage Warehouse ones.
 With that done the Vend-O made it's US debut at BYOB one week later where it won the "Most Unusual" Bus award.

On the drive home it was decided that even though the Bus is a one of a kind and another like it will most likely never be seen again

Things had to change........

With the addition of a 1904 cc dual carbed motor a full suspension drop, updated "flyer" tranny, and OG Berg shifter,
we're pretty sure the Vend-O will be turning heads at all the VW events this year, and years to come.

Update with new improved interior....


The Vendo and the Salesflap together

More here...

VW's that have gone on to new owners

1950 "11G" Split Window Ragtop

When Greg bought this as a stock car from fellow VW enthusiast / collector John Henry he had one plan in mind.

Lay it out, get it on some earlies, and load it up with accessories.

That's exactly what he did!

More info on the quick drop job can be read about here in the forums

11G build thread

Although the car is *very* nice Greg did not want a "show car" or "trailer queen". So this one gets driver regularly.

Even making the 2 hour round trip drive to the Bug Bash soon after the new wheels and drop job were done.

As of August 2011 there are still a few tricks and accessories that need to be done. Follow the link above to keep track of that.

In the meantime keep an eye open you just may see Greg and this car at a show near you!

Bug Bash - Vallejo CA


So Cal Treffen - Anaheim, CA


1963 RHD Squareback

Picked up as a somewhat neglected car that had been sitting outside for 3+ years, Greg already knew what his plans were with it as he had tried to buy it 4 years earlier with no luck.

As purchased

After a proper lowering, new wheels, bumpers, and a good cleaning Greg has this


Full details in the build thread here - 63 RHD Build Thread


1959 Westy SO-1 Salesflap

Even though Greg likes the "one of a kinds" and weird coach built stuff and there are other SO-1's out there.
This one gets a spot because it's the earliest known SO-1, and that's kind of a big deal.

Once we get a chance to really check it out we'll decide which way to go. For now the plans seems to be bone stock with Vintage warehouse logos.
No lowering, no fancy wheels, no crazy interior colors, no big engines.

More "as found" pictures here

In late 2010 a restoration was started. Watch the progress by following the link below.

SO-1 Build thread


1958 SO-19 Display Bus

This one is going to need some major reconstruction, but how many of them are left?

What was once used as a mobile sales window will be converted into something a little more cool.

Other than the massive amount of metal work were not sure what exactly were going to do with this one.

1958 Binz Double Cab


The newest addition to Greg's collection.
It a good runner / driver as is. Yeah it needs some TLC but nothing too bad.

 A full resto is planned in the future but until then it gets the normal Vintage Warehouse touch, a slight drop and some cool accessories.

Not to mention an OG Dove Blue door!!


"As found" pictures here

1965 RHD Standard

This Bus was a long time coming. Greg was offered it for $5000 back in 2000.

At that time it still had a Devon camper interior fitted on the inside and a lot of rust in the rockers.

Time passed and the Bus bounced around the Nor Cal VW scene and then was forgotten.

Greg heard about it again when a friend called to see about transporting it BACK to Nor Cal from Iowa.

Seems it had been bought by a collector who just wanted the Devon interior. He then put it on ebay and the same Nor Cal seller that sold it to him bought it back!

Only now it had a "people hauler interior" (full seating).

The new / previous owner planned on redoing the interior, fixing the rusted rockers, blending the paint, and selling it.

Greg struck a deal once the work was done, and now uses it as a daily driver / people hauler.

In June of 2010 Greg donated this bus to help in his sisters fight with cancer.

1000 raffle tickets were sold between June of 2010 and Sept. 25th 2010

At a fundraiser for his sister on Sept. 25th a ticket was pulled and a new owner was found!!

More pictures here

1961 Ragtop

Greg got this car in a trade. It has a beat set of repop BRM's on it and the stance was pretty "Cal Look" with the rear high as can be.

Once at the shop a set of SA Sprints Stars were put on and the suspension adjusted to give it a better look, although this proved to be tricky to drive so low.

Later a set of EMPI Sprint Stars were installed, the ride adjusted to a more drive able height, and the bugs worked out.

Since then it's been on daily driver status.

More pictures here

1954 Porsche "Rusty"

What started out as a pipe dream to own an early 356 quickly snowballed when Greg immediately found a decent '54 project for sale in Oregon.

Greg and the owner struck up a deal and the car was his.

Once back at the shop Greg lay'd it out with a a set of special built dropped spindles, 4.5 and Deep 6 "Earlies" and left it alone


Shortly after a better condition 1954 Porsche (white one above) was found and this one was sold to a fellow in Hawaii who has plan to restore it.

More pictures here

1960 Euro vert


Greg purchased this vert from his friend Max in roughly the condition shown above.


After adding a 6" beam, chromed / detailed wheels, new top, some interior work and a few accessories it looks like the car above.


The only two pictures of it with the top down are these from inside Greg's garage at home.

The reason being literally days after posting pictures on the net, Greg was contacted by a guy that "had to have it"

He has good taste I suppose. he bought the Ragtop below 8 months earlier!

More pictures here

1962 Ragtop

This 1962 Ragtop was bought from the 2nd owner.

Fortunately it was never fooled with so other than a 12 volt conversion it's an OG car.

The best part (besides the Ragtop) is the Red interior. Nothing beats a Black car with red interior.

It looked good as a stocker, but Greg had to work his magic on it.

Now it has a 6" narrowed beam, dropped spindles, disc brakes and a nice set of 4.5 and Deep 6 early Porsche wheels.

More pictures here

1966 Swiss Postal Bus

This one came  directly from a private party in Switzerland.
Aside from being a Highroof, which is pretty cool by itself, it's also RHD (right hand drive), a walkthru,
and has a coach built slider on the drivers side instead of the typical cargo doors.


We did most of the suspension, dropped spindles, straight axle conversion, Porsche disc brake conversion, here at Vintage Warehouse.
Rust Box took care of the tubs, steering box raise, and 6.5" narrowed beam.
The engine is a 1915 cc with dual 40's
Wheels are UK Porsche Cosmics supplied by good friend Chris Lyons and detailed here.
Tires are 195/50's in the rear, and 165/45's in the front.

The goal for Greg was to get it as low as possible without bags and still be drive able.

Once that was done he sold it to a friend in AZ minus the wheels and engine


More picture here.....

Check out the before pictures here

"Done" pictures here

Type 82E Replica

Built by Chris Clark out of Las Vegas Nevada,

It was a cool looking car when Greg bought it, but needed a bit of mechanical, electrical, and interior help to make it a nice driver.

Since buying the "Reichspost" Greg has taken care of most of that work, but it seems more so he's been busier trying to decide which wheels to run.



Currently being used as a display / prop for T-Shirt sales it doesn't see much road time other than the occasional car show / swap.

After sitting for months with no use, this was sold to a collector in France who uses it for his shop.

1966 Kemperink Bestelwagon

Built by the coach building firm of
Karroserie Kemperink (hence the name) this
Bus started out as a Single Cab pickup that was then stretched approx. 3.5 feet then the box was built into the normal bed area.
Used by the Dutch military as a mobile "command center" this Bus has very low mileage, and it shows.
Before we got it there was a really sweet (kidding) mural on the rear box, and the front cab was Baby Blue and White
We took care of all that right away by stripping the mural away to some original paint underneath,
and spraying the lower half of the front to match the lower portion of the box
Then we added a set of 15" Bus wheels / tires to get a sturdier look.
Inside the rear box has been converted to a camper at some point, and we'll run it like that for now.





More pictures of the Kemperink

1950 Split window Beetle

The oldest VW in Greg's collection was this 1950 Split Window Beetle
"The '50" as it is referred to, has a 6" narrowed front end, dropped spindles, disc brakes,
and Porsche "Earlies" (15 x 4.5 in front, and 15 x 6's in the back)


Greg traded the complete body with all the glass, the pan, bumpers, and a new interior to a friend who plans on making it a driver again.

The running gear, etc. that was kept from the '50 will go into another Split Greg has in the works.

More Pictures

1955 1/2 Cab

The story goes something like this...

Back in the late 50's a guy needed something with this lay out to haul stuff for his business.

He had a local shop take his stock Single Cab and convert it for him.

I'm not sure how true that is, but the thing is weird enough for Greg to add it into his collection.

Before any major work was done Greg was contacted by a fellow in Colorado that wanted it for his farm.

That's where it is now. With some bodywork and paint it looks great, and looks like it's being put to use.

1958 Hardtop

This car had been around for years, but when given the chance to own it Greg had to jump at it.
Having been restored previously this was get in and go cruiser.
The interior paint is original as are the seats, the only thing inside not original are the door panels.
Outside the car has been repainted the original Coral Red and it looks great.
The stock 36hp engine runs like a champ and the 6 v electrical system does it's job just fine too.

Greg added some accessories from his stash to compliment the accessories already present on the '58.
This include: Popouts, tissue dispenser, mudflaps, gravel guards, parcel tray, roof rack, headlight grills,
Hazet tool kit, outside visor, white wall tires, arm rest, and much more...

More pictures can be seen here

Greg sold this to a collector in Japan who put his own spin on it... and got a magazine feature out of it.

1965 RHD Notchback

We had to get a Type 3 back into the line up, so we picked up this 1965 RHD Australian  Notchback.
It's a very original car, and other than a few weird OZ only pieces it's your typical 1965 Notch, only thing is the steering wheel is on the right side.
Having another T3 gave Greg a chance to pull some of his T3 accessories out of storage.

The Notch is getting an original Notch roof rack, knuckle guards, mud flaps, accessory bumper over riders, "Type 3" badges, trailer hitch,
EMPI GT steering wheel, net style parcel tray, clear front bullet lenses, popouts, and oh boy, the big one, and NOS 6v defroster rear window !!

A mild lowering job along with  later front spindles with disc brakes and a rear disc brake kit have the Notch looking better.
We are running early 4.5 Fuch's in the front, and deep 6's in the rear with 125 and 165 tires respectively.
Nothing fancy but definitely an attention getter, and a nice driver to boot!!

More pictures can be seen here

After Greg sold it, this Notch was featured in Ultra VW as well. The new owner again gave Vintage Warehouse credit for the work.

1969 Squareback

Found literally around the corner from his house while driving home. This neglected Squareback was actually a nice reliable driver.

Bought with a clutch disc that was stuck to teh flywheel, Greg managed to jar it loose, added a slight lowering job, some 14" Fuchs, accessories, and used it daily.

More pictures

1965 DD EZ Camper



This is our '65 Double Door, Walk thru front seat EZ Camper.
Not much needed to be done when we got this. It's been used, but not neglected. The interior is beautiful and more importantly, it's complete.
The first thing on Greg list was to find a PAIR of  Westy side tents. After much searching Greg finally found two complete matching
 Westy tents for the sides, and a Westy "rear ender" tent for the back door.
One day as a joke it was said that a Dormobile top should be added. Greg thought "why not?" So one was found and installed.
Not much later it was decided that the Camper needed to be lowered so it would fit in with the rest of the VW's.

More pictures can be seen here...

This one was sold to a happy family in the UK....

It then went through two other people before ending up in Scotland in the hands of Hamish who Greg had a chance meeting with at a show in Belgium.

Hamish is treating it right though and giving it a massive restoration as seen here... SSVC restoration thread.

1969 Panel Squareback

Originally from Norway this "panel" was imported to the UK and used by the Type 3 Detectives (T3D) as a shop truck until about 2000.

At that time it was purchased an imported to the US where it sat for 5 years in storage.

We came across it in late 2006 just after the lowering job, Red '66 styled interior, the addition of the chromed Fuch's and a few other accessories

As purchased

After some work

The T3D logos were the first thing to go, followed by the Fuch's which were replaced by a set of real Gas Burners.

Next on the list was to get the factory installed gas heater running properly and to tune the engine.

Before we really had a chance to get out and use it for the shop it was bought by a guy in So Cal that wanted to use it as a promotional tool for his business.

I've seen his work and I'm sure the final product for this one will be amazing.

More pictures

1964 Hardtop

This one came to Greg as a trade for the Panel Squareback above.

New paint and interior along with a well tuned and detailed engine it didn't need much.

Aside from switching the wheels around and adjusting the height a bit it was left alone and sold.

More pictures

1965 Single Cab


Our old shop truck was this '65 Single Cab.
It is an original Euro spec Bus and came with Euro headlights, locking steering, smooth bumpers, and Euro tail lights. It is *very* sound and was only in need of suspension work, a few accessories, and a good cleaning.
After the suspension received our Slam-O-Matic treatment (narrowed bean, dropped spindles, adjusters, straight axle conversion)
we added a set of real EMPI Rader's and a canopy.

While it was torn apart Greg went through the motor and bumped it up to a 1641 cc and installed all new ignition and fuel systems.
The electrical is still 6 volts, but uses an Optima battery.

More pictures can be seen here...

With the addition of the Highroof, the Salesflap, the Kemperink, and the Vend-O
We sold the Slam-O-Matic to a good guy in the UK.
Once in the UK it was featured in Ultra VW magazine.

I guess U.S. magazines just don't get it.....

The Slam-O-Matic was even used on the first ever Bus fest event shirts!!

1961 Convertible

This is the 'vert we bought after selling the '62 seen a few cars down.
This car was bought from the original owner.
Back in '91 she had it "restored",  She then drove it for a few years until the charging system started to fail, then she parked it.

When we picked it up it needed some cosmetic repairs, which we took care of.
We then focused on changing the interior and top color, most of that was done too.
Next we added a set of dropped spindles to get the nose down. We were well on our way to having another nice summer cruiser.
As happens sometimes, in the midst of finishing this car we found a "better" project, and decided to sell this convertible as well.

This one was sold to an enthusiast in the UK

More pictures can be seen here...

1961 Single Cab

The 1st Vintage Warehouse Single Cab

The original Vintage Warehouse "shop truck" a '61 Single Cab.
We still have a soft spot for this one. In the pictures here it was running a straight axle tranny, dropped spindles, and a big motor.
This truck was the test bed for many of the suspension products we now offer!!

1956 Panel

This is the Panel that replaced the '61 Single Cab. It's a '56 has original paint, and rust.
This one is just about done as it sits. We wanted something we could haul parts in without having to worry about dings and scratches.

Greg put together a straight axle tranny kit, and the 1st Vintage Warehouse narrowed adjustable beam with dropped spindles.
Finished off with 15" wheels wrapped in 195/45/15's and 195/55/15's.
Once we had it sitting where we liked, we added as many unnecessary extras we could think of,
 like racks, ladders, steps, spotlights, safaris, European headlights, etc.

This Bus was traded to a local VW guy for a Notch.
He has since sold it to the UK

1965 N modal Notch

Here's the Notch we got for the Panel .
It has a big motor, IRS rear end 4 wheels disc brakes, Porsche alloys all the way around, and for the most part was a nice complete driver.
The interior is stock and in good condition.

We had it for about one week before trading it for a '62 Convertible.

1962 Convertible

In our quest to once again have a summer time car we found this '62 'vert and traded the Notch (from above) for it..
Originally we planned to clean it up a bit then enjoy it.
But as fate would have it while sourcing parts for this one we came across a '61 'vert that had been previously restored.
Needless to say we bought it and are enjoying it instead.

This '62 went to England where it's new owner plans to do a 100% correct restoration.
Read about the restoration here.......

1956 Single Cab

When we saw this one we knew we had to have it. It's the twin to our '56 Panel.
The addition of front and rear Safaris, canopy, fog lights, Euro headlights, spotlight / mirror combo,
side step, rack and ladder, ambulance fans, and roof mounted spot give it the tried and true look.

1966 Squareback

This was clean driver to start with that we added a lot of cool  extras too, this includes:
Polished 14" Porsche Fuchs, Euro headlights, Euro tail lights, clear front turn signals, tach, under dash parcel tray, rear seat "sleep extenders", fog lights, and a NOS tow hitch, a real VWoA accessory,  and sometimes we throw on the roof rack too!!

A happy couple in Northern California now use this Squareback as their daily driver.

Greg's '65 Convertible is definitely a good looking VW.
But not only does it look good, with the addition of a Judson Supercharger it can move too.
This is his weekend cruiser, and nothing gets more looks than a Red Convertible!!
Bought from the original owner the only thing the 'vert needed was a good cleaning and some new seat upholstery. 
After that it was the addition of some accessories such as front and rear Euro lenses, and clear front T/S lenses to get the look he wanted.
With the addition of the Judson, EMPI camber compensator, and lowering the front the 'vert was done.

The Judson convertible

This one went to a collector in Texas, I hope he's enjoying as much as we did!!

1965 Double Cab

 Greg bought this from a local VW guy that had long ago lost interest in it. The rear was already had a straight axle with coil over shocks holding it up. Those were removed and the back sat fine. The front had an adjustable beam that just needed to be turned down. Add some new tires, paint some wheels to match, add a few period accessories, and Greg had his first Double Cab.

More pictures

1965 T34

I bought the '65 in February of '98 from a customer of mine I showed some interest in the car and it paid off.
When he had to sell the car for personal reasons he contacted me.
He bought the car from the original owner and didn't have it long before I got it from him,
so although I am the 3rd owner I feel as though I got it from the original owner myself.

Along with the car I got a VW accessory roof rack and every piece of paperwork the car had. I'm talking original owners manual, VW dealers book, and service booklets all in the heavy grey book from the factory. Also included were two receipts from VW. The 1st for $300.00 and the 2nd for $1928.58 attached paperwork makes it clear that the $300.00 was a deposit and the other was the final payment. This put the total cost for the T34 at $2228.58 delivered to Monrovia, Africa, where she lived at the time. After the $300.00 was received VW sent a "VW-Order-Form" to her, from this she selected the options she wanted, signed it and sent it back. Once returned VW contacted her with a total and when paid built the car to her liking. Shipping dockets from two separate companies show that the car was shipped to Monrovia where it stayed for almost a year before being shipped to San Francisco, California, about 45 minutes South of me. Add to this every repair order for dealer done oil changes, tune ups, etc. Then in 1989 at just under 120,000 miles a new motor was installed, a 1600 cc with all the stock tin, carbs, 6 volt., etc. When I bought the car it had 131,639 miles on the odometer, that's right, not even 12,000 miles on the new motor!! Why? I have no clue, but I'm happy with it.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like my cars low.....Well I swore that I wouldn't do it to the T34.
As usual the car sat lower in the back than the front so I figured I lower the front a bit, just to level it out.
RIGHT!!! Next thing you know I'm digging out a set of 125's for the front and 145's for the rear, I couldn't help myself. I have since upped the tire sizes to 135's and 165's but the car still sits low and I love it!! Lowering and the addition of a decklid rack are the only modifications I have made to the car. I drive this car on a daily basis and I dig all the weird looks and comments it gets.

1964 T34


Now onto the '64, the "Rallye Car" I bought this car from my friend Blue Nelson, and other than the racing stories of him and Jean Ray I don't know much about this one. I bought it in February of '99, and once I got the car home I went to work doing some changes. I know that it will always be referred to as "Blue Nelsons Rallye Car" but at least I can say that I did some modifications to make it my own. The motor in the car was a 1500 cc stock unit and it needed some help anyway so I pulled it out and installed a 2007 cc that I had been running in my Single Cab. It's a universal case motor so a little tin swap here, remote oil cooler there, and some Type III manifolds and we're off. Almost, the brakes were pretty shot as well so I opted for a set of 356 Porsche brakes instead of rebuilding the stockers. Now not only does it go fast, but it stops fast too. This T34 already sported a decklid rack and the same VW accessory rack as my other T34 so I strapped on some "necessary" items for Rallye racing and upgraded some of the lighting, bigger is better right? Future plans call for removing some of the old lettering on the car and putting some new lettering and logos for my VW business Vintage Warehouse in their place. I figure since I've got an attention grabbing car I might as well use it to advertise.

Time has come and gone....
The Rallye Car as traded to a local friend, and the '65 was sold to another VW guy in So Cal

1957 convertible

There was nothing really special about this car, it was just a nice driver.
All original interior, (Black with White piping), smooth running 36 hp engine, etc..
Not sure why it was sold, but I'm sure the new owner is happy

1956 Ragtop

This '56 Ragtop was bought as a partially completed project (a painted basket case)
We assembled the car and added some of our own touches in the process, these include an adjusted the ride height, polished 15 x 6 Porsche Fuchs, Euro headlights, 3 bar horn grills, locking steering column,
NOS passenger side mirror, air deflector for the Ragtop, and more.
Plans called for a BIG motor and a lot of fun, but it was bought and sent to Canada before we got that far.

 Car is currently with the same buyer, who is now in the US and still making progress on it.

1955 Euro

This early '55. is a semaphore car and of course it's loaded down with accessories as this is the typical M.O. of any car associated with Vintage Warehouse.

Even though it has a 36 hp Judson motor it doesn't see much road time.

It's more of a work in progress and rolling storage for all of Greg's personal  hard to find and rare accessories.

The only way this car would be better is if it was a rag.

1961 Double Cab

We found this one sitting neglected in front of someone's house. We struck a deal and brought it home.
It had a late model (Bay) front end w/ disks and a Bay IRS rear end. A "super cool" 80's 2 tone paint job w/ Red pinstripes and tinted windows
First things first the front end was swapped out for an early unit w/ dropped spindles and the rear was adjusted down as far we could get it.
Not being able to get the rear really down there, the DC  sat idle for about a year. New projects came along and a decision was made to sell it.
After it was sold Greg did the needed work to get it on the road the way the new owner wanted it.
This included raising it back up a bit, going through the brakes, and installing an engine
Greg got an email with a picture. The DC is now in Texas.

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